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The ISOQAR INDIA Leadership team is the guardian of our mission, values and brand. It is responsible for inspiring business and confidence in ISOQAR through an exemplary standard of governance. Individuals from the BIG FOUR with unique leadership experience – from business, accreditation, and domain knowledge.

In every activity that ISOQAR commits, the leadership team ensures that knowledge should be transformed into performance. The team believes that the real leadership is not about being on the top or about prestige & power. It is all about responsibility and building success structures within and outside.

The leadership believes in building and developing cross domain, cross technological and cross cultural talent with passion and professionalism and commitment towards client needs.

Suhas Risbood

Suhas believes in creating a culture of innovation, knowledge building and focusing on ethical audit practices, learning and development.

Suhas has over 25 years of business leadership experience within the compliance, certification, information, and business advice sectors, working nationally and internationally for both audit and training services with core competency in the field of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Diamond & Jewellery, and Environment and Renewable energy sector.

Nishid Shivdas

Nishid believes in getting into the action leveraging the knowledge and technology, enhancing the service portfolio and pushing knowledge into performance.

Nishid has over 20 plus years of experience in delivering business support services, innovation, design management, information and technology solutions, Information security, service management, business continuity and software management.

Shiv Prakash Bhutra

Shiv focuses on operational excellence, stake holder relationship and managing accountabilities and budgets.

Shiv has over 20 plus years of experience working with multiple certification bodies with core competency in the field of Chemical, Food, and Operations management.

Burgis Bulsara

Burgis is the catalyst for the entire ISOQAR team- building and enhancing client relationship. Burgis believes in being energetic, passionate and enthusiastic in every activity we do.

Burgis has more than 17 years marketing and product management experience in the field of certification, training and renewable energy services.

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