ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management Certification

If you run a business then the well-being and safety of your staff and customers should always be a priority. However health & safety legislation changes on a daily basis. This means that you need systems in place to make sure you keep abreast of your legal obligations and put processes in place to minimise workplace risks. ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for best practice occupational health & safety management.

Whilst particularly prevalent within construction and manufacturing, the standard is highly applicable to service and other industries. By implementing ISO 45001  your organisation will be taking proactive steps to ensure it complies and stays up to date with appropriate legislation and becomes a safer place to work.

Benefits of ISO 45001
The standard has the potential to reduce the number of accidents

Research shows that when a good health and safety policy is implemented and championed by management the number of work place accidents reduce considerably.

A reduction in downtime and associated costs

Employees are the company’s most valuable asset and it cannot function without them so when staff are injured in the workplace there will be costs associated with lack of productivity and downtime.

It demonstrates legal compliance

Legislation is there to protect workers and it is the management that are responsible to ensure they are compliant with the most up to date laws relating to health and safety.  When the standard is implemented, there is peace of mind that everybody is covered.

It demonstrates to stakeholders an organisation’s commitment to health and safety

As part of the customer experience, we all want to support organisations that care about their employees.   It not only gives a feel-good factor but gives an assumption of quality and care that raises the company profile above competitors.

Potential to increase access to new customers

An increasing number of customers want their suppliers to have proof that they comply with regulations and have good ethics. ISO 45001 is an international recognised standard that shows a company maintaining a high level of compliance.

The potential to reduce insurance costs.

While the organisation implements this standard the chance of accidents are less, therefore many insurance companies will offer its clients with ISO 45001 a reduction in price.