ISO 29001

ISO 29001 Quality Management For Oil & Gas

If you are an organisation working within the oil and gas supply chain, safety and operational rigour will undoubtedly sit high on your agenda. However the global nature of the industry means that equipment and service providers will potentially operate to varying standards and with diverse approaches. That’s where ISO/TS 29001 can help.

Certification to ISO 29001…

Shows a commitment to managing operations safely and effectively within a hazardous industry Assists with tender opportunities as the standard is often a prerequisite within the supply chain Reduces costs and operational cycle times through effective and efficient use of resources

Benefits of ISO 29001 CERTIFICATION

Enhance the organization's performance.
Ensure quality and safety.
Gain competitive advantage.
Increase efficiency.
Improve marketing.
Contribute to cost reduction.
Improve risk management.
Ensure effective waste management.
Ensure customer reliability