BS 11000

BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships

Whatever the size of your business you may be considering a collaborative business approach in order to open up new market opportunities and achieve growth. However the success of your collaboration will be highly dependent on whether you have selected an appropriate partner and whether you are able to maintain good relations with that partner.

BS 11000 is a widely recognised standard for effective business partnering. It helps ensure that collaboration is effective, optimised and that it delivers mutual and enhanced benefits to all involved. Businesses which choose to implement BS 11000 are likely to benefit from improved processes, reduced risks and more sustainable long term partnerships.

Benefits of BS 11000 CERTIFICATION

Collaborate successfully with your chosen partners
Create a neutral platform for mutual benefit with business partners
Define roles and responsibilities to improve decision making processes
Share cost, risks, resources and responsibilities
Provide staff with wider training opportunities
Build better relationships that lead to quicker results