ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Course

This 1-Day course provides an understanding of how to audit quality management system.


This course introduces internal auditing for ISO 9001:2015, it provides delegates with an understanding of how to audit an effective Quality Management System using theory and group exercises.
You will gain the knowledge and confidence to perform a successful audit and ensure best practices are met across your business.

  • An introduction to Quality Management Systems
  • Management of internal audit schedules and reports
  • Preparation of internal audits check-lists
  • Process-based auditing techniques
  • Implementing and following up corrective actions
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What will you be covering?

  • What makes an effective QMS
  • How to perform a process-based audit
  • How to identify possible improvements
  • How to identify and eliminate potential problems
  • How to help stop waste and loss
  • The checks that are needed to ensure that previously identified problems have been corrected

This course is designed for any member of staff who will be involved in the internal auditing process of a Quality Management System for a company. In line with CQI IRCA requirements, it is assumed that attendees have a basic understanding of ISO 9001:2015 or have attended the QMS Foundation course.